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Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

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2007 Saylor Reunion

JULY 14, 2007
Learned Since Last Year 




Any family tree is a puzzle and ours is a scattered one. So many pieces have fallen into place in the last year that I cannot cover all of them here. The common element is the SAYLOR (or SAYLER) family name. With the aid of the web site and the Saylor DNA Project so many interesting families are being discovered.


Descendants of H. Barney Sayler contacted me through the Berlin Area Historical Society’s web site. H.B Sayler and E.C. Saylor corresponded frequently more than 80 years ago. H.B.’s letters are at the BAHS in Berlin. E.C.’s are now with Jill (Sayler) Moore in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. On Nov 6, 1927, H.B wrote from Ohio, “[I] Have an interesting book of collections if you could see but would not risk sending it to you.” 
On May 16, 2007, I touched that book and met Jill Moore and her sister, Georgia Bonesteel.  I will soon meet Jill and begin making digital copies of the book.
H.B.’s letters confirmed the existence of two Saylor/Sayler families in early Somerset/Bedford County. (See Two Jacob’s) Are the two families related?
H.B’s descendants were all female so Jill and Georgia are looking for a male Sayler in their family to volunteer for a DNA test.


Another interesting series of events began during January 2007 and are summarized in an attached story.  Edward J. Saylor volunteered for duty and was on the fifteenth of the sixteen B-25 bombers of Doolittle’s Raiders fame. (April 18, 1942)  Last month, I met some of Edward’s relatives while visiting my daughter, Debra, in Montana. We stayed at the ranch of Wade and Bev (Saylor) Harbaugh  and also visited the Saylor Ranch. We know their grandfather Lemuel D. Sayler was born in Ohio. Lemuel enlisted in the Civil War in the 35th Reg, Illinois Infantry. We lose the paper trail in Ohio census records with two men named Lemuel Saylor with birth years within 3 years of each other. Sometimes the search is a challenge. After the Civil War, Lemuel lived in Minnesota.


Elaine (Miller) Martin also found the site during January 2007. She now lives in Nebraska and has strong Somerset County ties. She is related to us through the Livengood family and to Bill Wolfersberger through the Snyder family. Her daughter, Wendy Olivas has a Ph.D. in biology and works at the University of Missouri. Wendy will assist answering DNA questions for the project. Elaine’s brother, Stanley R. Miller, is the long-time sound expert for Neil Diamond. Stanley also operates a rustic bed & breakfast at Big Baer Lake, California


We Are Marshall (Marshall University in West Virginia) was a good movie released during late 2006. A page and link on the web site remembers #88, Charles Alan Saylor.


During Memorial Day weekend, the Tennessee family of Richard and Hedy Saylor and their son’s family of Brian and Tricia Saylor stopped at the Saylor Farmhouse for some rest and relaxation.
Tricia hosts the web site.