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Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

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2006 Saylor Reunion

JULY 08, 2006
Learned Since Last Year







A Saylor DNA Project at was started recently after finding information speculating that two large Saylor families may be connected.

If correct, we might be able to trace our family back to a Ulrich Seiler, born in 1570.  Participation in the project provides a testing discount.

The PRIMARY purpose is to validate a connection between the early Pennsylvania SAYLOR/SAYLER/SEILER families as suggested by the research of Richard Warren Davis. If validated through DNA testing this would connect the large families researched by Samuel J. Saylor (central PA) and Dr. E. C. Saylor (western PA). A DNA-12 marker test is sufficient to test this theory. This test costs $99 through the project.

The SECONDARY purpose is to bring together other SAYLOR/SAYLER/SEILER families and to complement the genealogical paper trail.

Testing is simple – requiring only a cotton swab of saliva from the mouth. Because the Y-chromosome DNA is passed from father to son virtually unchanged for hundreds of generations, the testing will focus on males with the SAYLOR/SAYLER/SEILER surname. Interested females are not excluded; but, must have a brother, father or male cousin submit a test.

The DNA 37 marker sequence attached, for my test Kit # 51788, should be the same for all the SAYLOR males in our family. If not, the old story about the crow and the stump may be correct.





A book combining the family transcriptions compiled by
Dr. E.C. Saylor and reports from my computer database is
being created for the Berlin Area Historical Society.

A page of interest is attached in pdf format.


Who was the head football coach at Penn State before Joe Paterno?
Our cousin “Rip”!      (See What's New Page.)


My 5th cousin Helen (Sala) Lenda just completed the
Saylor Family Cook Book
A limited number of copies are available for purchase.
Does someone want to start a similar project?


A pdf timeline of significant events is attached for your review.



A new page on the web site will let you vote on changes for
the 2007 reunion.
Suggestions received to date include:
                    1) Changing Rachel’s vacation dates
                    2) Going on vacation with Rachel