Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

Family Transcriptions


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Dr. E. C. Saylor's interest in the families of Somerset County was not limited to the Saylor family.

He transcribed data from a large number of family documents. Much of this data was from family Bibles, cemetery headstones and church records that pre-date the 1850 census records. His typed pages were microfilmed during February 1957 and are available for loan from the Family History Library, film # 0022055. I will try to keep the following list in alphabetical order. The microfilmed pages are not numbered nor always in alphabetical order.

His original pages are preserved. Copies are available at the Berlin Area Historical Society. These copies may be more legible than the microfilmed images. However, I found the microfilm to be useable.  Microfilm # 0022055 is also available at the Meyersdale Public Library.

This collection consists of about 600 pages. Where I found connections with the Saylor family, I prepared reports from my Family Tree Maker database in .pdf format. These reports will be added to the web site as time permits. My data collection may reference additional sources. However, I have NOT looked for ALL available sources.

Use the following information as a reference ONLY. You should seek additional confirmation of accuracy, if you wish to prove your personal connection to a particular family.

My reports may include data NOT included in Dr. Saylor's transcriptions.
Also, they will NOT include the source and location of Dr. Saylor's data.


Altfather, Adam and Elizabeth (Suder)
Altfather, Frederick and Magdalena (Freundschin)
Altfather, Henry and Catherine (Ziegler)
Ambrose, Henry and Susanna (Walker)
Ambrose, William and Sarah (Bittner)
Arnold, Joseph and Susanna (Flickinger)
Atcheson, William and ____ (Devlyn)


Baer, Ludwig Family of
Baer, William and Sally J. (Deal)
Baker, Andreas and Maria (Oehler)
Baker, Douglas and Mary Ann (Garlitz)
Baker, Henry and Eve (Keifer)
Baker, Jacob and Susanna (Hay)
Baker, Michael and Catherine (Devore)
Baker, Peter A. and Nancy ()
Baker, Peter and Susanna ()
Baker, Philip and Elizabeth ()
Baldwin, William and Eve (Funk)
Barron, Nicholas and Catherine (Barron)
Bauman, Clara Information Sent To Liscomb IA
Bauman, Daniel and Catherine (Poorbaugh)
Bauman, Jacob and Elizabeth (Miller)
Beachy, Abraham and Christina (Livengood)
Beachy, Jonas and Sarah (Gnagey)
Beachy, Moses and Barbara (Keim)
Beachy, Peter Family
Beachy, Peter (Son of Perer Sr.)
Beachy, Peter and Barbara (Hershberger)
Beachley, Michael
Beachley, Peter and Phebe A. (Cober)
Beeghley, Jacob K. and Catherine (Blucher)
Bender, Abraham and Sarah (Dively)
Bender, Daniel and Elizabeth (Bowman)
Bender, William and Catherine (Miller)
Bennet, Charles and Catherine Flickinger
Berkeybile, George and Elizabeth (Foust)
Berkeybile, Isaac and Harriet (Fidler)
Berkley Family-Cemthrena Stahl Data *
Biesecker, Daniel and Nancy (Kimmel)
Bitsche, Abraham and Barbara (Lichty)
Bitsche, John and Christina (Livengood)
Bittner, George and Elizabeth (Walker)
Bittner, John and Rosina (Shallis)
Bittner, John J. and Susannah (Boger)
Bittner, William F. and Lovina (Cook)
Blauch, Christian and Magdalena (Bender)
Blauch, Daniel and Katie (Hershberger)
Blauch, Jacob and Anna (Kaufman)
Blauch, Jacob and Barbara (Saylor)
Blauch, Jacob and Magdalena (Gnagey)
Blauch, John and Christina (Blauch)
Blauch, John and Lydia (Miller)
Blauch John and Sarah (Kauffman)
Blauch, John J. and Dinah (Walker)
Blauch, Samuel and Mattie (Hershberger)
Blauch, Tobias and Mariah (Blauch)
Bockes, Benjamin Family of
Boger, Christian
Boger Jr., Christian and Elizabeth (Boltz)
Bontrager, Christian and Elizabeth ()
Bontrager, Christian and Elizabeth (Baumgardner)
Bontrager, John and Anna (Yoder)
Bontrager, John and Barbara (Johns)
Bontrager, Joseph and Barbara (Yoder)
Boose, Jacob and Catherine Wingert
Boose, Rudolph and Susanna Walker
Bowman, John and Elizabeth (Marteeny)
Boyts, Henry and Eliza (Klengaman)
Brant, Jacob Family
Brant, Josiah Family
Braucher, Daniel and Lydia (Hersh)
Bridegum, Henry and Christina (Boger)
Brinham, John and Mary (Hanna)
Brinham, John Randolph and Ann (Winters)
Brubaker, Alexander and Drusilla (Heffley)
Brubaker, Benjamin and Delilah Hay
Brubaker, Peter and Rosanna (Cable)
Buechley, Abraham Family of
Buechly, Daniel and Eliza Meyers
Burger, David and Catherine (Shanefelt)
Burkholder, Abraham and Elizabeth (Judy)
Burkholder, Emanuel and Rebecca (Fullem)


Carver, John and Hannah Mary (Mostott)
Case, Orson and Mary Ann (Kimel)
Cemthrena Stahl Data-Coleman Family *
Christner, Abraham and Mary (Hoover)
Christner, Herman and Susan (Ringer)
Christner, Joseph and Mary (Keim)
Churns, William and Catherine (Keffer)
Cober, Jacob and Susanna (Berkey) [2 pages]
Cober, Peter and Elizabeth (Landis) [2 pages]
Cober Records Taken From Lutheran Church Records
Colborn Family
Colborn, Abraham and Elenor (Woodmaney)
Colborn, A. J. and Susan (Hartzel)
Colborn, John and Elizabeth (Skinner)
Colborn, Michael and Sarah (Mitchell)
Colborn, Robert and Effie (Wortman)
Coleman Family-Cemthrena Stahl Data *
Coleman, Nicholas and Fredricka
Coleman, [Kollman] John and Elizabeth (Maurer)
Coleman, [Kohlman] John Nicholas and Fredrica (Harman) [2 pages]
Coleman, [Kohlman] Nicholas and Elizabeth (Bowman)
Coleman Phillip and Elizabeth (Shep)
Collins, Mark A. and Elenor (Brubaker)
Cook Family Record
Cook, George and Rachael ()
Countryman, George and Rachael (Milhouse)
Countryman, Jacob and Mary (Ambrose)
Countryman, Jacob and Hanna (Lane)
Cover Family of Brothersvalley
Cover, Peter and Margaret ()
Cover, Peter Jr. and Elizabeth (Landis)
Croner, Dr. John Estate of


Dam, Philip and Magdalena ()
Damm, Philip and Margaret (Gerhardt)
Dively, Martin and Anna Maria ()
Dively, Martin and Catherine ()
Dively, Michael and Elizabeth (Menges)
Dively, Michael and Julian (Swartz)  - Michael Dively Family Record [2 pages]
Dively, Samuel G. and Elizabeth (Ferner)
Dull, Peter Family of Milford Twp.
Dumbauld, Abraham and Catherine (Boyer)
Durst, Solomon and Lydia (Starner)


Eash, Christian and Sarah (Johns)
Eash, Daniel and Catherine (Stutzman)
Eash, Isaac and Elizabeth (Miller)
Eash, Jacob and Susanna (Miller)
Eash, Jacob Jr. and Mattie (Lehman)
Eash, Jonathan and (Anna (Blough)
Eash, John N. and Elizabeth (Hershberger)
Endsley, Thomas and Mary (McCloy)
Engle, Clements and Elizabeth (Graff)
Engle, Clement and Margaret (Atcheson)

F Fike, Christian and Christina (Livengood)
Fike, John and Catherine (Miller)
Fike, Joseph and Sally (Miller)
Fike, Samuel and Elizabeth (Keim)
Fink, Peter and Margaret ()
Fisher, Records from the Reformed Church
Flickinger, Abraham and Catherine (Saylor)
Flickinger, Anthony and Mary Anne (Shaffer)
Flickinger, Daniel and Catherine (Lowry)
Flickinger, Dr. George and Esther (Arnold)
Flickinger, George Anderson and Maria (Strife)
Flickinger, Jacob and Mary ()
Flickinger, Jacob Dare and Susan (Witt)
Flickinger, Jacob G. and Christina (Sweitzer)
Flickinger, Samuel and Elizabeth (Beachly)
Floto, Herman and Sarah (Engle) [on Clement Engle page]
Forney, Jacob and Magdalena (Landis)
Forney, Samuel and Elizabeth (Landis)
Foust, Henry and Catherine ()
Frey, Christopher and Rebecca (Menser)
Frank, Conrad and Sarah ()
Fritz, Christian William and Eva Margaret (Dorwarton) [2 pages]
Fritz, Daniel and Mary Anna (Chorpenning)
Fritz, Samuel and Sally (Dickey)
Fritz, Valentine and Susanna (Palm)
Fritz, William and Elizabeth (Palm)
Fritz, William and Eliza (Weller)
G Gahagen, Thomas and Elizabeth (Miller)
Gardner, Jacob and Susanna (Frey)
Gebhart, George and Eve (Hay)
Gebhart, John and Margaret (Knable)
Geeting, Henry and Anna Maria ()
Gindlesperger Family "Likely Joseph"
Gindlesperger, Joseph and Sally ()
Glessner, Early Family Records of Jacob Glessner
Glessner, Edward and Harriet (Keller)
Glessner, Henry and Lydia (Suder)
Glessner, Jacob and Magdalena (Foust)
Glessner, John and Catherine (Bauer)
Glessner, Joseph and Catherine (Musser)
Glotfelty, Samuel and Charlott (Wagner)
Glotfelty, Solomon and Maria Eva (Freinsch)
Gnagey, Daniel and Mary (Fike)
Graff Family Records
Graff, Sebastian and Maria Catherine ()
Gumbert, John Jacob and Anna Elizabeth (Bruck)
H Hanna, Alexander and Martha ()
Hanna, James and Anna (Leech)
Hanna, John and Ann (McDill)
Hager, Jacob  Family
Hager, Joseph Family
Hager, Simon Family
Hargnett, Frederick and Catherine (Tosh) [Tasch]
Harned, Edward and Sarah (Roberts)
Hartzel, George and Susanna (Specht)
Hartzel, Nicholas and Dorcas (Settle)
Hauger, Henry and Dinah (Horner)
Hauger, Henry and Sarah (Beeghly)
Hawn, William and Lydia (Patton)
Hawn, William and Sally ()
Hay, Francis Family Record
Hay, George and Mary (Countryman)
Hay, George P. and Mary Ann (Miller)
Hay, Peter and Catherine (Knepper)
Hay, Peter S. and Elizabeth (Walker)
Hay, Simon and Anna Maria (Shaver) [2 pages]
Hay, Simon and Lydia (Walker)
Heffley, John and Barbara (Swartz)
Heffley, John and Elizabeth (Keffer)
Heffley, Samuel and Catherine (Alter)
Heiter, John and Julianna ()
Hershberger, Daniel and Sarah (Gnagey)
Hershberger, Jacob and Barbara (Eash)
Hershberger, John and Elizabeth (Lehman)
Hershberger, Joseph and Frany (Miller)
Hershberger, Peter and Anna (Bitsche)
Hill, Jacob and Elizabeth (Shaulis)
Hillegas, Jacob B. and Esther Anne (Burns)
Hillegas, Jacob B. and Louisa (Mortimore)
Hillegas, Jacob Sr. and Anna Maria (Barbary)
Hillegas, Peter R. and Maria (Courley)
Hochstedler, Adam D. and Miriam (Miller)
Hoffard, Samuel and Martha ()
Hoover, David and Sarah (Long)
Hostedler, Daniel and Franny (Hershberger)
Hostetler, Jacob and Mary Magdalena (Eckenberger)
Hostetler, Joseph P. and Magdalena (Eash)
Hostetler, Peter and Elizabeth (Eash)
Hoyle, Family of Levi
Husband, William and Mary ()
Hyatt, John and Mary (Skinner)
J Johns, Joseph and Franey (Holly)
Johns, Joseph II, and Nancy (Blough)
Johnson Family Record
Johnson, George and Elizabeth (Stutzman)
Judy, Daniel and Elizabeth (Meyers)
Judy, Jost and Harriet (Walter)
Judy, Solomon and Maria ()
K Kammerer, George and Sarah (Flickinger)
Keefer, Casper and Mary Ann (Altfather)
Keffer, Michael and Elizabeth (Lachman)
Keffer, Michael and Jane (Clark)
Kegg, John F. and Mary (Miller)
Kegg, Nicholas and Elizabeth (Frye)
Keim, Daniel and Elizabeth (Beachy)
Keim, John and Barbara (Livengood)
Keim, Jonas and Sarah (Livengood)
Keim, Nicholas and Catherine (Eash)
Keim, Nicholas Family
Keller, Henry and Rachael (Trent)
Kempf, John and Salome (Miller)
Kieffer, Michael and Margaret (Miller)
Kimel, Daniel and Sarah Elizabeth (Earkart)
Kimel, Edward and Ammy (Krissinger)
Kimel, George and Mary [Polly] (Lichty)
Kimel, Frances Marion and Mary (Ogle)
Kimel, Jacob and Margaret (Scholes)
Kimel, John and Elizabeth (Urich)
Kimel, John Oliver and Mary Philson (Parker)
Kimel, Michael and Julian (Asper)
Kimel, Michael and Lydia (Shirey)
Kimmel, Jacob Sr. and Mary (Huffman) [Two pages with hand written notes]
Kimmel, Jefferson and Julian (Musser)
Kimmel, Jonathan and Susan (Meyers)
Kimmel, Josiah and Susan (Glessner)
Kimmel, Ludwig and Salome [Sarah] (Cable)
Kitner, Samuel and Leah (Shoemaker)
Knable, Hiram and Joann (Laub)
Knable, Jacob Sr. and Solome Marie (Cassell) [Two Pages]
Knable, Jacob and Magdalena (Enos)
Knable, Levi and Barbara (Shultz)
Knepp, Conrad and Margaret ()
Knepp, Henry and Susan (Baker)
Knepper, Family Record
Knepper, John and Elizabeth (Stahl)
Knepper, Louis and Susanna (Burnhart)
Kretchman, Reuben and Elizabeth (Hostetler)
Kring, George and Machtalena (Stump)
Krissinger, Aaron Sr. and Catherine ()
Krissinger, Aaron Jr. and Margaretta ()
Kuhns, Jacob and Mary (Brubaker)
Kurtz, John and Christina (Divelly)
Kurtz, Kuhns, Koontz, Family
L Lambert, Edward and Maria (Wagner)
Lambert, Jacob and Margaret (Frazier)
Lambert, John W. and Catherine (DeHaven)
Lambert, John and Susannah (Wolfensberger)
Landis, Abraham and Harriet (Speicher)
Landis, Abraham and Sarah (Glessner) [Two pages]
Landis, Henry G. and Elizabeth (Musser)
Landis, Henry and Magdalena (Stoner)
Landis, John and Elizabeth ()
Lehman, Heinrich and Froni (Miller)
Lehman, John and Elizabeth (Borntrager)
Lehman, Yoder Records
Lepley, Adam and Elizabeth (Horn)
Lepley, Daniel and Elizabeth (Beal)
Lichliter, John C. and Susan (Younkin)
Lichty, Christian and Maria ()
Lichty, John and Elizabeth (Miller) [Two pages]
Lichty, John and Maria (Livengood)
Lichty, John C. and Elizabeth (Fike)
Lint, John and Elizabeth (Walter)
Livengood, Christian and Elizabeth (Forney)
Livengood, David and Nancy (Meyers)
Livengood, Peter and Barbara (Nafzinger)
Livengood, Peter and Anna (Bitsche)
Livengood, Peter and Mary (Miller)
Long, Henry and Elizabeth (Lewis)
M McKinley, Arthur and Rheuamah (Roland)
McMillan, John K. and Mary (Rush)
Marker Family Record
Martz, Jacob and Mary McDalena (Doughman)
Masholder, George Family
Masholder, Jacob and Christina ()
Masholder, John and Elizabeth (Grissing)
Masholder, John and Hanna ()
Masholder, Solomon and Elizabeth (Clark)
Masters, Benjamin and Mary (Smith)
Masters, Emanuel and Mary (Lane)
Maurer, Philip and Barbara (Keiffer)
Maust, Abraham and Magdalena (Longanecker)
Meese, Baltzer
Meyers, Jacob Jr. and Barbara (Yorty)
Meyers, Michael and Maria (Buechly) [Two pages]
Meyers, Peter and Lydia (Miller)
Meyers, Samuel and Magdalena (Lichty) [Two pages]
Miller, Abraham and Catherine (Berkey)
Miller, Abraham and Maria (Saylor)
Miller, Ananias P. and Mary (Meyers)
Miller, Andrew A. and Catherine (Deeter)
Miller, Benedict and Catherine (Beachy)
Miller, Christian
Miller, Christian and Margaret (Borntrager)
Miller, Daniel and Mary Hauger (Long)
Miller, David and Franey (Livengood)
Miller, Gabriel and Harriet (Dively)
Miller, George Family
Miller, Hesekiah and Katie (Easter or Oester)
Miller, Isaac and Sarah (Bitsche)
Miller, Jacob and Sally (Lehman)
Miller, Jacob D. and Barbara (Saylor)
Miller, Jacob L. and Mary (Good)
Miller, Joel B. and Catherine (Breneman)
Miller, John A. and Delilah (Korns)
Miller, John A. and Sally (Beachly)
Miller, Jonas A. and Sally (Horner) and Sally (Saylor)
Miller, Joseph and Barbara (Borntrager)
Miller, Joseph and Betsy (Schlabaugh)
Miller, Moses B. and Sarah (Hershberger)
Miller, Peter A. and Susanna (Buechly)
Miller, Peter and Barbara (Yoder)
Miller, Peter and Maria (Stutzman)
Miller, Peter D. and Maria (Harden)
Miller, Samuel and Catherine (Hay)
Miller, Samuel and Cordelia (Coughenour)
Miller, Samuel P. and Susannah (Klingaman)
Miller, Tobias and Margaret (Kimmel)
Miller, William and Mary (Fike)
Mosholder, Elias and Isabelle (Ferl)
Mosholder, Jacob Data
Mosholder, Jonathan and Juliana (Heiter)
Mumau, Jacob and Elizabeth (Miller)
Musser, Abraham and Veronica (Cable)
Musser, Christian and Carolina (Ringler)
Musser, Henry and Susanna (Foust)
Musser, Tobias Family
O Odell, Perry J. and Maria Love (Horner)
Olinger, Jacob and Catherine (Moyer)
P Peck, John Jacob and Anne (Olinger)
Peck, John and Elizabeth (Maust)
Peck, John and Fillibina (Smith)
Petersheim, Peter and Susan (Miller)
Philippi, Simon P. and Susannah (Zufall)
Philson, Alexznder H. and Elenor (Crigler)
Poorbaugh, Philip and Elizabeth ()
Powell, George W. and Anna C. (Hoyer)
Pritz, Jonathan and Magdalena (Baker)
R Ream, Michael and Catherine (Glessner)
Ream, Samuel W. and Mary ()
Reidt, Dr. J. H. and Harriet (Heffley)
Remsburg, Family A Brief History
Riehl, John and Maria Elizabeth (Baltzer)
Ringler, Solomon and Mary (Mosholder)
Rhoads, Henry and Elizabeth (Stoner)
Roberts, [Ancestors of] Frank H. H.
Ross, Ephriam and Sarahan ()
Ross Family Record [on same page as Cook Family Record]
Rowland, Jonathan and Margaret (Hart)
Rundecker Family
Rush, David and Mary (Skinner)
Rush, Jacob and Mary (Skinner)
Rush, Jacob and Ruth (Ogg)
Rush, William and Elizabeth (Ream)
S Saylor, John and Catherine (Berkey)
Saylor, Joseph Family
Saylor, Samuel and Maria (Grave)
Schaff, David and Magdalena (Altfather)
Schrock, David and Margaret (Borntrager)
Schrock, John and Gertrude (Borntrager)
Schrock, John C. and Lydia (Saylor)
Schrock, Joseph and Catherine (Sevits)
Schrock, George and Susanna (Horner)
Schneider, Dewalt and Clara ()
Schwab, Frederick and Anna Elizabeth (Baltzer)
Seibert, Solomon and Mart (Trent)
Shaffer, Jacob and Catherine (Barnhart)
Shanafelt, George and Susanna (Baker)
Shaulis, Michael and Maria (Judy)
Shaver, Philip and Sarah (Smith)
Shober Family-Cemthrena Stahl Data *
Shockey, Christian and Mary (Welsh)
Shoemaker, Henry and Elizabeth (Minck)
Shunk, Simon and Susanna ()
Skinner, Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Harned)
Smith, Jacob and Elizabeth ()
Smith, John and Catherine (Dively) [Three pages]
Smith, Peter and Susanna (Stump)
Sommers, Joseph and Elizabeth (Miller)
Sommers, Ulrich and Anna ()
Speicher, John and Margaret (Weigle)
Spencer, James Jr. and Mary ()
Stahl, George and Susanna C. ()
Stahl, Samuel and Drusilla (Walker)
Stahl, William G. and Elizabeth (Ohler)
Stephanus, Peter and Annie (Lentz)
Stevanus, John and Anna (Hershberger)
Stoner, Charles and Dorothea (Schwab)
Stoner, Christian and ? (Croner)
Stoner, Isaac and Elizabeth (Shunk)
Stoner, Jacob and Elizabeth (Musser)
Stoner, John and Judith (Miller)
Stull, George and Mary (Landis)
Stull, Henry and Harriet (Gindlesperger)
Stutzman, Abraham and Polly (Schrock)
Stutzman, Benjamin and Polly Ann (Lehman)
Stutzman, Harry and Mary Jane (Masters)
Suder, John and Sarah (Hay)
Suder, Family Records
Sweitzer, George and Susanna (Flickinger)
T Tipton, Jacob and Lucinda (Coughenour)
Thomas, Abraham and Julian (Gindlesperger)
Tosh, Henry Family of [Tasch]
U Uhl, Archibald and Leah (Flickinger)
Umberger, Michael and Catherine ()
Updegraff, Herman Sr. and Rachael ()
W Weaver, Daniel A. and Polly (Blauch)
Wechtenheiser, Anthony and Esther (Bechtel)
Wagerman, Philip and Mary (Greisher)
Wagner, Peter and Rachael (Newman)
Walker, Dennis F. and Mary C. (Livengood)
Walker, Frederick and Catherine (Maurer)
Walker, Frederick and Christina (Fritz)
Walker, Frederick and Eve (Foust)
Walker, George and Catherine (Coleman)
Walker, George P. H. and Elizabeth (Miller)
Walker, Jacob Will of, Filed in Canton, Ohio
Walker, Jacob and Elizabeth (Coleman) Family [Four Generations]
Walker, Jacob P. and Elizabeth (Braucher)
Walker, Jacob Military and Family Record
Walker, John G. and (Elizabeth (Boger)
Walker, John P. H. and Catherine (Augustine)
Walker, Philip and Elizabeth (Coleman)
Walker, Peter and Charlott (Ramsberger)
Walker, Peter P. H. and Sarah (Will)
Walker, William G. and Lydia (Hauger)
Walter, Samuel and Frany (Borntrager)
Weigley, John and Elizabeth ()
Weighley, Seth and Susanna (Musser)
Weller, Fredrick and Barbara (Shaffer)
Werner, Adam and Anna Catherine (Sass)
Weyand, Jacob and Carherine ()
Weyand, Jacob Jr.
Will, Daniel Family Record
Will, Daniel Jr. Family
Will, Daniel and Magdalena (Graff)
Will, John and Mary (Deitz)
Will, William and Sarah (Kimmel)
Wiltrout, Solmon and Elizabeth (Ramsberger) [2 pages]
Y Yorty, Henry and Anne (Lichty)
Young, Ludwig and Elizabeth (Lenhart)
Yutzy, Daniel and Anna (Brenneman)
Yutzy, Daniel and Magdalena (Brenneman)
Yutzy, Joel M. and Lydia (Hochstedler)
Z Zorn, Carl and Barbara (Weyand)
Zorn, Jacob and Gertrude (Maust)
Zorn, Michael and Louisa (Damm)
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