Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)



I found the published works of Richard Warren Davis and Samuel J. Saylor during a 2005 visit to the Goshen College Library in Goshen, Indiana. These “new” sources of information are very interesting. The descendants of Ulrich Seiler, *(1142), and Joseph Seiler, *(1141), are very well documented and the possibility of a connection is suggested by Richard Warren Davis.

Per DNA results released 10 OCT 2008, the two Saylor families are NOT related! Therefore, the purpose of the project is changed.



Richard Warren Davis

Samuel J. Saylor

Dr. E. C. Saylor

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Emigrants Refugees and Prisoners, Vol. III, 1999,
By Richard Warren Davis

Ulrich Seiler Descendents,
Compiled by
Samuel J. Saylor, 1989

Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies
By Gingerich and Kreider, 1986


Ulrich Sayler b: c. 1570





*(1) Ulrich Sayler b: 1600





*(11) Ulrich Seiler b: 1626





*(114) Ulrich Seiler b: 1654
“He or one of his brothers may have been the father of Jacob Sayler and Ulrich Seiler, both Amish men.”



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  The above could be ancestors of Group 1, 9 or neither.
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*(1142) Ulrich Seiler b: c 1690

*(1141) (?) Jacob or Joseph Seiler, SL**
[His first son was named ULRICH. Ulrich died young.
I have 24,455 family members in my database.]




Ulrich Seiler b: c. 1720

*(11414) Jacob Seiler, SL4**
[Had four children; but, only one son.]




Casper Seiler

John Seiler, SL41**
[Had nine children; but, only two sons.]




Peter Saylor b: 1779

Jacob Saylor, SL413**
[Had eleven children with five sons. Two sons and two daughters married children of George Fulk/Folk.]




Jacob Saylor b: 1811

John L. Saylor, SL4134**




John P. Saylor b: 1839

Levi Saylor, SL41348**




Jacob M. Saylor b: 1868

Henry W. Saylor b: 1853




John A. Saylor b: 1894

Dr. E.C. Saylor b: 1881




Samuel J. Saylor b: 1920





Reference Numbers:
* Richard Warren Davis
** Gingerich and Kreider



I now have a copy of this book:
Ulrich Seiler Descendents,
Compiled by
Samuel J. Saylor, 1989


Other documentation:

A History of the Sayler Family
by James Lanning Sayler, 1898
[Details the descendants of *(11412) Daniel Sayler SL412]

A Saylor Lineage
by John Galen Saylor, 1983

Hans George Fulk and Jacob Seiler Workbook
by John H. Stangarone and Stewart R. Saylor, 1997