Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

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2005 Saylor Reunion

JULY 09, 2005
Learned Since Last Year




Paternal Burkhart Ancestry

Stewart Cleveland Saylor’s ancestry includes the Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Burkhart. Jacob’s Revolutionary War pension application claim’s a family of 27 children with his only wife Elizabeth. Documentation of Jacob’s family is not complete. Many of his descendants shortened their last name to Burket or Burkett. The Glen Savage Ranch now surrounds the Burkhart homestead and cemetery.

Maternal Rager Ancestry

Rachel Jane (Paul) Saylor’s ancestry includes the Revolutionary War veteran Michael Rager, Per information provided by Luella F. Younkins, “Michael Rager was married four times. As wives died, he would marry again and have a family to each wife. It is generally believed that he fathered at least 27 children, 20 were sons.” Documentation of this Cambria County family is more complete than that of the Burkhart family. I believe a large family reunion is still held annually.






It strikes in the family!

John Allen Saylor

was a son of Samuel S. Saylor. John was born 26 Feb 1878 and died 25 May 1894 when struck by lightening.

John Allen was a son of Samuel S. and Susan J. (Ferner) Saylor. Susan’s mother was Elizabeth Burkhart, a granddaughter of the above Jacob Burkhart.

Sarah N. Saylor

was a sister of Samuel S. Saylor. Sarah was born 28 Mar 1856 and died during early June 1908 when struck by lightening.

Sarah married Jacob Burkhart, a grandson of the above Jacob Burkhart.

Per the newspaper reports both incidents were instantly fatal direct strikes.






Our Saylor ancestors settled here before 1772.

You can see the “Three Hills” from the site of today’s reunion.