Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

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2004 Saylor Reunion

JULY 10, 2004
Learned Since Last Year




Jeff Werner of Charlottesville, VA, found the web site during early 2004 and we began exchanging information. His great-great grandmother was Mary Susan Saylor. Mary married Joseph R. Ebaugh and they acquired part of the Saylor Hill property from Mary’s parents, William L and Katharine (Phillipi) Saylor. Joseph Ebaugh was the only child of Roman and Mary Ann (Albright) Ebaugh. Roman died during 1866 and Mary Ann married Joseph Brown, brother of our Susannah Brown, wife of Peter Saylor.


Jeff sent me a picture of the Saylor Hill farm taken sometime between 1910 and 1920, before the property was sold and strip mined. A copy of the photo is attached. Jeff now has the original, which for many years was a prized possession of Jeff’s grandparents, Lloyd W and Catherine (Gumbert) Ebaugh.





As I compile more and more data, I often think of the Saylor family traits. I have names and dates for twelve generations of the family. I know that our immigrant ancestors were minister/farmers. I know where they lived and where they are buried; but, not much more. And there is much more. The twelve generations now number 22,340 parents and children. Wow, how many stories of joy and sadness are untold?

Could one of those Saylor traits be SILENCE? I know that is hard to believe as we listen to all the chatter here today. Perhaps each generation thinks their story is not significant. Can we make it easier for the next generations





Here is an example of an incomplete story from the sixth generation being pieced together from scraps of information. Luckily, Barry Cooney is a Civil War enthusiast and helping to pull the pieces together. We know Peter enlisted in the 16th PA Cavalry; but, his name is not included on the Somerset monument because this was not a Somerset Regiment. We know the 16th was at Gettysburg; but, his name is not included on the Pennsylvania monument because he was assigned as Provost Guard 2nd A.C. Barry believes the “2nd A.C.” to be the II Army Corps under the command of Major General Winfield Scott Handcock. On 3 July 1863, the II Army Corps was positioned to defend against Pickett’s Charge. Where was Peter?





Attached is a list of the Descendants of Stewart Cleveland Saylor followed by a lot of names and dates in Pedigree Chart format. Are there stories here? I see collectors, politicians, craftsmen, businessmen, executives, professionals and policemen. And this is just part of the eighth and ninth generations.

 Copies of the charts are available upon request.