Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

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2003 Reunion

JULY 12, 2003
Learned Since Last Year

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On 21 OCT 2002, I began unpacking my belongings in Somerset County and began retirement. I’m still doing both.

Meeting Cousins Everywhere I go I meet cousins. On my very first trip for groceries, I met cousin Nancy at the checkout. Seeing my name on the computer she said, “My grandmother was a Saylor”. After a few questions and a look on my home computer, I found Nancy Joyce (Shockey) YACHERE.
Connemaugh Cousins During February 2003, I began meeting cousins on the staff at Laurel View Village in Davidsville. Most of them are YODER cousins from my mother’s tree. Many ALSO have SAYLOR connections.

C. Murray


22 JUN 2003, I missed meeting Murray SAYLOR, when a Graveside Service was held in Rockwood for his mother, Ruth Elizabeth (FULMER) Saylor Planck. Since then, we exchanged email. “I did not know the name or anything about any Saylor ancestors before Clarence Leroy, my grandfather.” Murray is reviewing the web site and a chart similar to the one attached.
Mary Frances (Swearman) PROCHKO I met Mary Frances a few years ago. A recent letter from her included an update of her family. The obituary (Meyersdale Republican, Thursday, July 18, 1901) of her great-grandfather, Rudolph SAYLOR, provided data for the SAYLOR name charts recently added to the web site.
Search for


My search for the ancestors of Mom Saylor’s mother continues. With the help of others, I found Clara’s obituary in the 08 OCT 1929 Johnstown Daily Tribune on page 13. Per her Michigan Death Certificate, Clara died 04 OCT 1929, a correction of prior data. Her birthplace is listed as Bellsona, PA with a birth date of 06 FEB 1863. Her mother’s name is not listed. Her father is listed as GEO MAFFETT, apparently provided by her son, Frank Paul. My prior research found a Clara Maffatt, age 17, listed in the 1880 Census as “adopted”, living with George WIKE and his wife Catherine in Belsano, Blacklick Twp., Cambria Co., PA. I’m looking for more proof.
in July


Keeping with the theme for this year’s reunion, the ice cream flavors have been named: Family Tree With Snow (green & white vanilla), Reindeer Droppings (chocolate, served with a melon ball scoop), Christmas Strawberry (vanilla & strawberry) and Santa’s Coat (red vanilla). Have a taste of each in a Christmas Sundae. (The Altoona Curve baseball team is also celebrating Christmas in July today. Who authorized it?)
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Cost of the truck rental $155.57. Cost of a new washer & dryer $747.28.
Meeting cousins face-to-face and being where you want to be – priceless.


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