Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)


The PRIMARY PURPOSE  is to use Y-DNA testing where the paper trail is lost. DNA testing  can provide a connection to a "PROJECT GROUP" and point to a group of researchers for the concentration of future research efforts. That can save years of work. Please understand that testing does not guarantee you will find a common ancestor on paper.

The SECONDARY PURPOSE is to bring together all  SAYLOR, SAYLER,  SEILER, etc, families to validate the paper trail. Even when the paper trail is unquestioned the risk of NOT matching the expected "PROJECT GROUP" is possible. If the paper trail is solid, that risk is VERY low. Either way, "knowing" is priceless.

A $99 DNA Y-12 marker test is sufficient to test both; however, if the paper trail is lost or questionable, test as many markers as you can afford. I now highly recommend a Y-37 test, if you can afford it.

I think Ugo A. Perego, Senior Project Administer with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF), said it best1:
"Because of the inheritance properties of DNA, we are literally a walking, breathing, living record of our family history. You can change, destroy, or hide records proving relationships between individuals, but you cannot change the genetic makeup we have inherited from our biological ancestors."

Testing is simple – requiring only a cotton swab of saliva from the mouth. Because the Y-chromosome DNA is passed from father to son virtually unchanged for hundreds of generations, the testing will focus on males with the SAYLOR/SAYLER/SEILER surnames. Interested females are not excluded; but, must have a brother, father or male cousin submit a test.

1 Trace Your Roots with DNA by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak and Ann Turner, page 217-218