Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

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Saylor Hill Graveyard 2021

June 23 a work crew returned to Saylor Hill. We missed last year.

Saylor Cousins 2021
l-r: Clair Saylor, Stew Saylor,Ward Beals, Don Watson and Clarence Saylor.
This was the first visit for Clarence.
Photo by Bill Kerrick.
Saylor Hill 2021


Saylor Hill Graveyard 2019

June 18 a work crew returned to Saylor Hill.
Don Watson, Ward Beals, Bill Kerrick, Clair Saylor and Stew Saylor cleaned up the site.
A grave dedication is planned for August 3.
We hope you can attend.

Before 2019 After 2019
Before After


Memorial Day

Thanks, Dr. E C Saylor !
I do not say that often enough.

Because of the letter exchange below I met Phyllis (Sayler) McCollum
and her parents Dale and Hilda Sayler Memorial Day 2019.
Also, Dale is  # 6931 on page 650 of Descendants of Saylor Hill because of this exchange.

  Letter sent
Mar 1951
  Reply sent
Aug 1951
  Sent 1951 page 1 1951 to 2019


I am proud to
be a part of it.

Reply 1951 page 1  
  Sent 1951 page 2 The story by
Reply 1951 page 2  
Where It Began Phyllis and Dale Dale and Hilda Peggy Stew Hilda and Dale Book Signing
The file cabinet
where my work
Phyllis and Dale
on Saylor Hill
Dale and Hilda
on Saylor Hill
Peggy and Stew
Hilda and Dale


Saylor Hill Graveyard 2018  

On May 29th another work party was scheduled for the Saylor Hill graveyard. Cousins Don Watson, Ward Beals, Clair R. Saylor and Stew Saylor were assisted by Bill Kerrick for another good day on the hill.We missed last year; but, the site was in better condition than we expected.
We took our first break after about an hour and we were very pleased with our progress.
During our second break, Don Watson started a discussion about the 1968 photo below. The view has changed since 1968.
Thanks Don.

2018 Working
2018 Resting Group
1968 Picture
click on the pictures to enlarge
2018 Picture
The same stone 50 years later

1967 From Above
1967 Aerial View
X marks the second of the Three Hills

We will visit the site again this year.
The Somerset Cambria Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution will perform a wreath laying ceremony on Saturday October 13, 2018 at 2PM. This will provide a rare chance to visit the site and recognize the support provided by the payment of the 1783 Supply Tax by our peaceful ancestor.
Since getting to the site is still a challenge, we have contacted one of our Amish Saylor cousins and he will provide a hay wagon for the ride to the site.
If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact me >>> HERE.



1796 Bedford PA Document, Revolutionary War Gunsmith
Jacob Sayler
, Saylor

I purchased this document on eBay and received it June 16, 2017. I don't know who I was bidding against; but, maybe a descendant of Jacob. The document provides a good copy of Jacob's signiture. The document appears to be an original. Not sure how it got to eBay.

Shared here for the family.
Also see DNA Group 4
1796-1 1796-2

Sons of the American Revolution-

After many years of delay, I began an application for SAR membership during 2011. That application was based upon my ancestor Jacob Burkhart. The application was approved January 20, 2012.

Jacob Burkhart was born 08 May 1758 in Reading, Berks County, PA. He died 19 November 1840 in Fairhope Township, Somerset County, PA. Jacob Burkhart's pension application indicates that he enlisted three times during the war. His first enlistment was in Reading, Berks County, PA., during June 1776 in the company commanded by Capt. Jacob Krowl or Croul and served until August 27, 1776 when taken prisoner during the Battle of Long Island. While the Battle of Long Island occurred early in the war, it was the largest battle of the war having the largest number of combined troops. Jacob married Elizabeth (possibly Schwartz) in 1785. Elizabeth was born 1759 in Berks County, PA. She died in 1848 in Fairhope Township, Somerset County, PA. Per Jacob’s pension application, file # S-22150, he claims they were the parents of 27 children. To date, 13 of those children have been identified. We do not know how many of the children survived to be adults. The pension application notes various spellings of his name; but, he stated BURKHART was correct. Jacob’s brother, John, also served in a unit assigned the responsibility of guarding General Washington. Jacob and Elizabeth settled on land in Fairhope Township, Somerset County, PA that is now part of the 724 acres owned by the International Conservation Center, an extension of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. Jacob’s original headstone is not identified in the Burkhart graveyard. Elephants now guard the graveyard.

I learned later that military service was not the only way to gualify for SAR membership.

Jacob Saylor is recognized as the first Mennonite minister in Somerset County, PA. So as you might expect, he did not serve in a military unit. However, he paid the 1783 Federal Supply Tax. Jacob married Magdalena Stald 19 March 1739. Magdalena died 27 January 1784 in Pennsylvania. We believe Jacob arrived in America 15 September 1749 on the Ship Phoenix at the port of Philadelphia, PA. They settled first in Lancaster, now Lebanon, County, PA. Their only son, John, was born 26 May 1740 in Germany and he died 01 September 1822 in Somerset County, PA. John married Catherine Berkey 27 October 1761. John settled on what is still called Saylor Hill, overlooking Meyersdale, Somerset County, PA. Jacob also owned land on Saylor Hill; but, he is believed to have made the move after the death of Magdalena. A stone in the Saylor Hill graveyard can be identified for Jacob. Two of John’s sisters raised large families in Somerset County, PA. John and Catherine are also buried on Saylor Hill. Jacob Saylor is the 6th great grandfather of Stewart R. Saylor. The Descendants of Saylor Hill, compiled by Stewart,
(ISBN: 978-0-9886458-0-6) details nine generations of this Saylor family.

SAR Member # 182178 SAR-Buirkhart SAR Supplemental SAR Supplemental Certificate

For my Saylor first cousins, I recently began exploring mom Saylor's ancestors for SAR links. Mom Saylor was born in Cambria County. My local SAR chapter is the Somerset Cambria Chapter, so a Cambria County link would be nice.

Michael Rager, Mom Saylor's g-g grandfather, enlisted during the spring of 1775 and served for three years, including a winter at Valley Forge. More work to do; but, my first find is interesting.

Paul Ancestors Michael Rager 8 Michael Rager 10

Burkhart Graveyard

There is much more to the links between the Saylor and Burkhart families than I can confirm today. Upon my first visit to the Burkhart graveyard, many years ago, I noticed the stone for Minerva Saylor, 13 Jun 1874 - 15 Apr 1878. It took me a few years to make the connection.

Minerva Saylor was a daughter of Samuel and Susan (Ferner) Saylor - Samuel was a son of Peter and Susannah (Brown) Saylor
Susan Ferner was a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Burkhart) Ferner
Elizabeth Burkhart was a daughter of Solomon and Susanna (Fair) Burkhart
Solomon Burkhart was a son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Schwartz) Burkhart

Peter Saylor died of Tuberculosis while in the Civil War.
In the 1870, Allegheny Twp., census Solomon Burkhart is listed in the household of Susannah (Brown) Saylor.
In the 1880 census Solomon is listed in the household of his daughter Elizabeth Ferner and her husband, John.

Others buried in the Burkhart graveyard were documented by Dr. E. C, Saylor. I have tried to document their Burkhart connections.

Dr. E. C. Saylor's
Transcription of the Burkhart Graveyard
Burkhart Graveyard Their ancestry in a pdf file My documentation
of their ancestry
Hulda Smith
Hulda Smith
Ida Smith
Ida Smith
Joseph Tipton
Joseph Tipton
Emeline Tipton
Joseph Tipton
Joseph Burkhart
Joseph Burkhart
6 7
Susannah Burkhart
9 10
Lydia Ann Coughenour
Lydia Ann
11 12
  Jacob Burkhart
Jacob Burkett Burkhart
His RW pension
application states
is the correct
  More pictures
coming soon



Saylor Hill Graveyard

June 9, Saylor cousins Don Watson, Ward Beals, Clair R. Saylor, William S. Saylor and Stew Saylor with the help of driver and co-worker Bill Kerrick made the annual trip to Saylor Hill. Don Watson and Bill Kerrick scheduled the date for the last four years.

A great day on so many levels:
     Work was completed
     The weather was great
     This was the first time Clair and William Saylor were to Saylor Hill - I don't think it will be their last
     William uncovered a documented stone
     William Saylor and Bill Kerrick learned they worked for the same company at different times
     We learned our cousin Edwin Yoder opened the road to the cemetery
          THANK YOU!
          A copy of Descendants of Saylor Hill was delivered June 10, 2016 to Edwin, #9221 page 947
     Ideas were discussed for future improvements
     Saylor cousins learned they are all related to Katey Sagal

  Saylor Hill 1
June 9, 2016 Cousins Work Party
William S Saylor, Don Watson, Ward Beals, Clair Saylor, Stew Saylor
photo by Bill Kerrick
Saylor Hill 4 Saylor Hill 2
Our discovery of the day!
See Plot map "A"
Saylor Hill 5
I made a return trip to Saylor Hill
October 2 with Karen Jones and
her husband. Karen is a seventh
cousin through our Saylor line.
Karen Jones Karen is a grand niece of
John Galen Saylor. John compiled
the excellent Saylor genealogy
A Saylor Lineage.


Katey Sagal

WDYTYA Katey Sagal

Six Degrees of Separation

Katey's sixth great-grandfather,
John Miller, ML2, arrived on the
ship Phoenix, 15 SEP 1749, with
Jacob Seiler, SL.

John Miller, ML2 or Wounded John,
"was wounded by the Indians when they
were taking the fam. of Jacob
Hosteter into captivity" DJH 9146

Abraham Miller, ML241, Katey's fourth
g-grandfather and his wife were buried
on a farm owned by Henry W. Saylor,
Dr. E.C. Saylor's father.
Welcome Katey Sagal

Katey on Facebook

Thanks to Who Do You Think You Are?
we recognize a new family member.

Katey's 4th great grandmother was
Maria Sayler/Seiler found in the
Descendants of Brarbara Hochsteder
# 5400 page 388
Amish and Amish Mennnonite Genealogies 2ed
SL418 page 466
Descendants of Saylor Hill
#13 page 46

I think this will be one of the most watched segments because of the large number of her living relatives.

Katey's Sayler/Seiler line is in our
Saylor DNA Project Group 1.
Katey Sagal Ancestors Miller Abraham of Peter
Find-A-Grave link Miller Cemetery

Love for Laramee

Laramee Grace Ickes
is the third cousin four times removed
of Dr. E.C. Saylor

Laramee Grace Ickes
2009 - 2016

Click below to
Follow Laramee on Facebook
Laramee Grace Ickes
is the first cousin twice removed
of Stewart R. Saylor
People everywhere
Basket raffle August 16, 2015

So much more than expected.

Baskets everywhere