Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

Getting To the Saylor Hill Burial Graveyard

Recommendation - DO NOT VISIT SAYLOR HILL.

Instead, view the pictures on this web site.

You can drive to the Graveyard. However, the dirt road is difficult with a four wheel drive vehicle even in dry weather.

On July 5th and 6th 2002, my daughter, Debra, and I visited the Saylor Hill Graveyard and began a project to recover the grounds from mother nature. The following provides directions to the site and pictures of its present condition.

The site of the Saylor Hill Graveyard as seen from the Meyersdale Community Hospital looking over Second Avenue. The site is located at the base of the tallest trees on the second hill of the "Three Hills".

From Meyersdale, follow Mt. Davis Road to Bender Bridge Road OR follow Shaw Mines Road to Coke Oven Road. At the intersection of Bender Bridge Road and Coke Oven Road turn onto the dirt road between the fields on the Yoder Farm. The Yoders are our cousins so respect their property. Your trip will be 1.3 miles from this intersection

39.48.427 N
79.03.734 W


This is the easy part.



Through the woods ...



And over the Hill ...



Bear to the left



Through more trees



Continue to the tallest trees on the right. When you start down the slope of the second hill - stop. You can park off the roadway near the trees.

The site is easy to miss.



The cleared site



We hope these pictures become the BEFORE shots





What an incredible treasure lies on this hill. Stone # 5 belongs to our immigrant ancestor and is easily read.  Three generations of my ancestors lie here and possibly more of yours.

However, we need HELP. Somehow this site has survived when many others have not. I'm looking for EXPERT advise before going further. I'm as concerned about WHAT NOT TO DO as about what TO DO.

What is the best way to keep this site preserved for future generations? If you know someone with graveyard preservation experience, PLEASE, contact me.