Continuing the family history reaearch of
Dr. Ezra Clayton Saylor
(1881 - 1954)

2020 Stay At Home Project

Descendants of Jacob Seiler and Magdalena Stald

The file linked above is the eigth update, uploaded 0ctober 18, 2022.
Download time could be very long, depending upon your internet and pc processing speed.
The file is about 4,905 pages and about 40 megabytes.

I recently added the Family Book Creator plug-in to my FamilyTreeMaker database.
I am using my Stay-At-Home time to create a "book" using the plug-in software.
Not all descendants are included, just because I missed them
I make daily updates to my database. This is the result of over 25 years of data collection.
Book Creator update time is about eight hours, so I will not make daily updates.
The finished product is too large to print; but, not too large to post here.
Find your family and print a few pages and add them to your copy of Descendants of Saylor Hill.
Check the Usage Tips to navigate the large file

Let me know your thoughts.


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Per Dr. E.C. Saylor:
The Saylor Family is a very old family. Traces of the name appear in Germany as early as 1388, as on that date one Burchard Seiler gave the City of Nuremburg a gift. The interest or income therefrom was to be spent for "bread, beef, pork, peas or flour or herring according to the season of the year, but at all seasons bread shall form one half part". This charity is known as the Church Yard Alms and is given every Sunday among the poor and the value was to be one-tenth part of a florin. This gift was ratified by the Council of Nuremberg Sunday before St. Vitus day 1388. For this benefaction to the Housekeeping Poor of the City of Nuremburg, Burchard Seiler was given recognition by the bestowal of a Coat of Arms and his body was buried back of the Choir in the Church of St. Sibold, Nuremburg, Bavaria, Germany. This information is gleaned from a History of the Saylor Family by James Saylor of Eaton, Ohio. Unfortunately we cannot, or at least have not connected, our family genealogy with this venerable man, much to our regret.

Verification of this info will be the work of someone else. Chick here to view charts found on FamilySearch.